Our Course

Quote: You can’t enjoy wealth if you’re not in good health.

At CLE, our course curriculum is carried out methodically with the proper training and value that is sure to enhance success. We present the expertise teaching aids and advanced learning facilities. They are taught the best competency in this profession.

Since serving in the Pharmaceutical Industry is a beginning of a worthy task and a well-coordinated business. It forms a connection between the economy and the sociological aspect very subtly. We at CLE would like to welcome ambitious academic graduates interested in healthcare professionals and assist them skillfully to make them professionally employable for a better world.

Name of our Courses

Industrial Training on QA Chemist

Industrial Training on QC Chemist

Industrial Training on Production Chemist

Industrial Training on Microbiologist

Industrial Training on warehouse

Why do you need these Courses?

India is a highly populated country with the second-largest population on earth, Therefore the safeguarding of its citizen’s health in itself is challenging! We are meant to create such accomplished students with respect to our strategic course curriculum & training; who would emerge as boons for the healthcare industry.

CLE offers courses that are specifically designed to compete with the growing needs of the medical industry, along with a thorough insight into practical work.

Duration and the Specialties of the Courses

The duration of the Pharmaceutical course comprises four weeks of hard work and learning that will constitute the following specialties:

-A series of classroom sessions by specialists and faculty from the recognized pharmaceutical industries.
– The Practical demonstrations for lifelong insights into the industrial setup.
-The interactive workshop related to the research and development in the Pharma industry.
-Regulatory affairs that supervise how the drugs, medical products are produced, tested, manufactured, marketed, and distributed to be certified with authority.

In-depth training of the proper manufacturing, quality management, supply-chain/customer management, human resource development, etc.


When we talk about transformational skills and expertise, then money should not be the core focus at all! For this reason alone, we at Ccentric have endeavored to make our “Campus to Industry” program made accessible at minimal operational charges.

“Ccentric Learning Pvt Ltd brings opportunities for unlimited learning and career shaping tomorrow.”

The Essentials of the Fee Structure

The Pharmaceutical courses at Ccentric Learning Edge with the duration of 4 (Four) months, the total fee costing of INR 50,000/- + GST.

-Rupees 5,000 + GST at the time of enrollment
-Rupees 5,000 + GST per month for a period of 4 months each during the training period at the ITI Campus.
-Rupees 25,000 + GST at the time when the students will be provided with a worthy job
-Rupees 5,000 + GST per month for a period of 4 months for the Boarding & Lodging.


At the final session of the training program, the students are required to undergo the transition of being culminated enough to undertake ‘Industry Profession’ as a career and should be able to easily enlist themselves in the job and perform much better than a young university graduate.

But Before the commencement of the placement’s procedure, the students must undergo the following:

-All the students who have completed the classroom and practical session will have to qualify for the examination for being certified as a skilled professional.
-The students should attempt the LSSSDC examination which is conducted by the Government of India. This certification plays a vital role in the industrial sector.
-The examinations will be conducted at our training centre and they will be objective-based questions.
-Those students who won’t be able to qualify will go through a re-examination based on assessment.

Our Placements

The befitting candidate’s profile will be shared with several well-reputed organizations and their interview will be arranged with the industry panel. Interviews are a source of great exposure for the enthusiastic students as this helps in entering the ways of the industries directly.

The qualified candidates will be offered the job role with the organization.

Once the candidate is selected by the reputed organization, they will be placed on a three years contract by giving their services.

The students would get a potent chance to work with their respective hiring organizations for a minimum period of 3 years which would fully equip them with the industrial know-how and skill-set to smoothly navigate the pharmaceutical landscape.

The salary offered to this bunch by the company that employs them ranges from ₹20,000 – ₹25000 per month.