Mechanical Engineering Module

"General - Manufacturing Technology" "Introduction to Various Manufacturing Technologies Shearing & Cutting , Conventional turning, milling, drilling, Shaping, Grinding , Polishing , Buffing Machining , Painting , Welding , Soldering etc" "Production / Process /Quality/ Maintenance Engineer"
CNC/VMC Process "• CNC / VMC - Features of CNC machines, CNC axis systems
• Machine specification, programming fundamentals, machine controls etc
• Machine construction, working of CNC subsystems and accessories
• Programs and generate part programs for typical operations
• Pre machining activities like tool setting, job setting
• Post machining activities like deburring, cleaning,
• Tool and job changing
• Construction and working of basic machine tools – review
• Machining parameters - speed, feed and depth of cut Cutting tools, jigs, fixtures and cutting fluids , tool materials, tool classification, tool geometry, tool holders, work holders, clamping devices, jigs
• Cutting fluids-types and application"
"Production / Process /Quality/ Maintenance Engineer"
Paint/Coating Process "• Understand painting processes and equipment requirement
• Process parameters, profile required for painting
• Surface preparation, set up readiness and painting
object readiness
• Painting operation on parts, objects
• Activities of inspection & testing – Coat test , salt spray test & Tape Adhesion test
• Storage, equipment cleaning, and maintenance,"
"Production / Quality/ Maintenance Engineer"
Welding process "• Process principles of welding, brazing, soldering,
• Classification of welding
• All types of joining techniques like Gas Discharge
Arc Welding (MIG, MAG, TIG), Resistance Welding (Spot Welding, Projection Welding, Butt Welding) • Automatic or Robotic Welding Process
• Weld inspection & test methods"
"Production / Quality/ Maintenance Engineer"
"Other manufacturing processes" "• Sheet Metal Pressing
• Drilling
• Plastic Moulding
• Powder Coating
• Heat Treatment
• Castings
• Shot Blasting & Peening"
"Production / Quality/ Maintenance Engineer"
"Geometric dimensioning & tolerancing" "• GD & T - Reading engineering drawings, GD&T symbols & Interpretation
• Measurement Understanding on GD & T"
"Production / Quality/Process/ Industrial Engineer"
"Metrologymeasurement & calibration" "• Metrology - Units of measurement, Selection of Measuring equipments
• Limits and tolerances, quality and quality control aspects
• Measuring Devices i.e. Rulers , Vernier Caliper, Depth Vernier , Micrometer - Internal, External,3 Point, 2 Point, Conventional, Bore Gauge - 2 Point, 3 Point, Digital, Air Gauge , Electronic Gauging Systems , Types of Attribute Gauging i.e. Plug Gauge , Snap gauge , Roundness Tester , Profile Projector
• Calibration of Measuring Instrument / test equipment’s
• Understanding national & international standards for calibration
• Traceability requirement and its application"
"Production / Quality/Process/ Industrial Engineer"
Material testing "• Machine Tool Geometry (Surface flatness of bed slides. Coincidence and intersection of related axes.
• Parallelism and perpendicular of straight lines to straight lines and flat surfaces to flat surfaces - equidistance.
• Squareness of revolving spindle to flatbed surfaces.
• Trueness of spindle and its bore, its faces and to find out – eccentricity, radial through, run out, periodical axial slip, axial play etc.
• Measuring Equipment’s used for Geometrical check"
"Maintenance Engineer/ Production Engineer"
Electricals "Basic of electrical, basic hydraulic and basic pneumatic equipment - coolant pumps, chip conveyors, material handling and automation components" "Electrical Engineer/ Maintenance Engineer"
"Pneumatics & hydraulics" "• Basics of pneumatic & hydraulic like cylinder Nut runners, auto shutoff tool, 2/3way valve and various application.
• Pneumatics - Introduction, Air Cylinders, Air Compressors, FRL, Air Dryers, Direction & Flow control valve, Pneumatic circuits Basics of compressor, Chiller, air dryer its operation & maintenance.
• Tool & crib -Auto shutoff tool, Pneumatic impact tool, Battery tool, Lump tool, Torque wrench etc."
"Production Engineer/ Maintenance Engineer"
"Maintenance management" "• Pre-operational checks, routine maintenance, running repairs, simple trouble shooting.
• Predictive maintenance, Preventive maintenance, BD percentage, MTBF, MTTR & Utilization.
• CLIT - Cleaning, Lubrication, Inspection & Tightening Standards
"Maintenance Engineer "
Cooling system "• Introduction to Cooling Systems
• Introduction to Coolants
• Components of Cooling System"
"Maintenance Engineer"
"Exhaust system " "• Introduction to Exhaust System
• Exhaust System Types
• Operations / Applications "
"Maintenance Engineer"
"Host & lifting equipments" "• Hoist maintenance & operation
• Safety
• Inspection & testing"
"Maintenance Engineer"