Over the past few months, CLE has created a series of different partnerships, supporting our roadmap but no example better demonstrates the same than our collaboration with ITI Limited.

Ccentric has collaborated with ITI Limited for its program “Campus to Industry” with an aim to speed up workforce, skill acquisition and development in the engineering and telecom landscape.

ITI Limited (PSU) is one of undisputed leaders in engineering and telecom realm whose state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in multiple locations (1. Raebareli, 2. Jammu, 3. Bangalore, 4. Naini, 5. Mankapur, 6. Palakad are equipped with advanced machinery.

By partnering with ITI Ltd. The Raebareli Unit is our Driving Platform for our programme called “Campus to Industry”, we are equipped enough to offer the students the optimized learning environment imperative for their career growth.

During our this program in collaboration with ITI Ltd., students will undergo meticulous training in-demand and future technologies as well as enhanced problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking skills.

Owing to this partnership, our students would get an extensive access to the much needed resources, infrastructure and tools which would in turn facilitate skills acquisition process of students.

Students will get to work alongside ITI’s staffs in its dedicated laboratory which will give them a detailed insight into industrial know-how and make them technically competent.

This working experience of 4 months in ITI Ltd. will aid students better understanding in the engineering industry, become trained in highly skilled industrial applications and build a strong network with experts and fellows in the IT field, which can positively contribute to their future career development.