Our Access to Industrial Training

The process initiates with the CLE carrying out “a thorough training needs assessment and analysis”. The required eligibility and screening test is conducted by us.

The candidates who are selected for this comprehensive training are then charged a nominal fee in lieu of which all their boarding, lodging and social security needs would be taken care by CLE in collaboration with ITI Ltd.

These students then undergo a proper training and up-skilling by the highly professional and experienced team of Ccentric which includes the experts with more than 20 years of industrial experience.

The candidates will get their practical industrial training at our plant for 4 months in various divisions.

The training schedule for the same is prepared in consultation with the experts in the engineering domain and in line with the requirements of various plants/sections.

All students are paired up with a mentor which will be provided by Ccentric itself.

After this dedicated 4 months training at our COE is over, the bunch is identified (through a proper assessment and evaluation) and then made a part of the workforce of several automotive and engineering organizations.

The selected bunch is awarded the certifications by ITI Ltd and National Productivity Council (NPC), Government of India.

The students would get an opportunity to work with their respective hiring organizations for a minimum period of 3 years which would fully equip them with the industrial know-how and skill-set to smoothly navigate the technology landscape.

The salary offered to this bunch by the company that employs them ranges from ₹20,000 – ₹25000 per month.