Message From

CEO’s Desk

“We are a student-centric organization and our prime objective is to boost the employability of graduates.

The simple ideology we follow at Ccentric is that our progress is contingent upon the growth of our students. We measure our success through the smiles of our students. When we see our students happily and suitably placed in good organizations, it further solidifies our commitment towards empowering them with industry-relevant education and making them employable.

By going beyond the books, we strive to churn up graduates who have the skill, experience and confidence to successfully navigate not only their professions but also their lives.

Here is the thing-
The customary playbook for “how to impart and how to acquire education” has significantly changed. Gone are the days when academic learning and collecting degrees used to be the ultimate aim of education. The mention of degree and education sure looks good on a resume, but it cannot ever replace the value of hands-on experience and knowledge.

We need to understand that a degree alone cannot assure a job anymore. It is the amalgam of the right skills and the right attitude that makes all the difference. And precisely this is where we as Ccentric Learning Edge Pvt Ltd come into the picture.

We offer the students practical, industry-focused learning and skill-based training to help them navigate the perplexing employment landscape and lead them on the way to their dreams.

It makes me sad to see that still, far too many institutes are teaching curriculums that are not industry-relevant. Hands-on training is still lacking in the education system. And I strongly believe that going ahead with such conventional education models is doing good to no one, nor the students, neither the industry. High time we ceased following this outdated model.

Our organization is working closely with the industry giants in the pharmaceuticals and engineering domain to forge the best partnerships with them. Our partnership with ITI is a testimony of the same.

We absolutely realize the importance of collaborations in this turbocharged technological world. The way we see it, “Collaboration is the only way forward”.
Our tie-ups help us stay ahead of the curve by offering countless possibilities and opportunities to our students.

I need not say that all students here will be in good hands.

I welcome you to explore Ccentric.

Let’s make things happen!
Dare to dream and we would do our best to make them come true”.
Best Regards,
Sachin Sangal