Welcome To Ccentric Learning In Collaboration With: Industry relevant training programmes in Pharmaceuticals & Engineering. High ROI Programmes prepared in collaboration with the industry majors like ITI Limited. 4 months training programme geared towards engineering graduates. Student Centric Organisation with Unparalleled Teaching Methodology.

Slide campus Campus to Industry All our successful participants of “Campus to Industry”programme
get certificates, both from NPC, National Productivity Council and
ITI Limited with Ccentric’s signature on it.
ITI LIMITED & NPC Both the certificates which are backedby
powerful and accredited bodies like NPC
and ITI are a testimony to the strong skill
set and competence of our students.
Certifications These certifications are the acknowledgement of the students
outstanding skill level and technical experience that they have
gained through our 4 months “Campus to Industry” program
and are beyond valuable.
recruited Recruited Both these certificates will offer you a significant
competitive upper hand by showcasing that you
are among the finest of students who should

industry-relevant programmes and courses


Impeccable Record in Quality Placements


Congenial learning environment



Backed by industry giants like ITI Limited


Rewarding certifications from ITI Limited and NPC


Peer to peer support

Active Industry Collaborations


We at Ccentric believe that collaboration is the best way to bridge the gap between classroom theoretical education and practical learning in a real environment.
Our organization today is one of the leading organizations in the country with ties to top-tier industry giants around the world.
Our partnership with industry leaders like ITI Limited is testimony to the same.

Our Partnership with ITI Limited

Campus to Industry

ITI Limited which is one of the renowned public sector undertakings in the telecommunications technology segment is allied as our training partner for our exclusive programme named “Campus to Industry”.

Industrial Exposure

Our partnership with industry giants like ITI Limited for our program “Campus to Industry” offers unrivalled advantage to the students in terms of industrial exposure.

Undisputed Leader

ITI Limited as we all know is an undisputed leader in the engineering and telecom realm covering a wide spectrum of activities from concept, design, fabrication, installation, construction to commissioning.

Why opt for a Course ?

All our successful participants of the “Campus to Industry” programme get certificates, both from NPC, National Productivity Council, and ITI Limited with Ccentric’s signature on it.